Disappointment is the reverse of gratitude

It’s not nice to put other people down to feel good about yourself, yet that’s what being grateful is. Gratitude is looking at others flaws and saying, ”glad that’s not me!” It’s the same principle executed in a different manner. Funny how different methods that lead to the same conclusions can be considered acceptable or unacceptable.

For instance, it would be socially unacceptable to go around insulting other people to feel good about oneself. However gratitude is doing exactly that, just not in a sinister manner. Take for example these two scenario:

  1. A man walks past a hobo with no legs. He looks him and says ”Nice day for a walk”!
  2. A man walks past a hobo with no legs. He thinks to himself ”Glad that’s not me!”

BOTH examples focus on the negative and create a positive. 1) creates a positive through insults and humiliation, whereas 2) uses empathy to achieve gratitude. Pretty interesting.

Relating back to the title,  disappointment is not having your expectations met, gratitude is having low expectations. This was the next thing I thought about.

It’s a funny word cited as many as the key for happiness. What do you think?

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