Ignorance is bliss, knowledge is agony

If you believe you know everything (ignorant) you don’t need to question your beliefs. Everything is known and there’s no need to strain yourself trying to learn more. New information bounces off an impenetrable wall of confirmation bias built up over the years. People can happily close off their minds once they have cultivated a belief system, which assists them in interpreting life.

On the flip side if you try to have an open mind it’s difficult to sift through information. Constantly comparing how new knowledge stacks up against old is draining. It takes effort not to dismiss something as bullshit because it doesn’t coincide with what you think you know. It’s also uncomfortable hearing new contradictory information, in the fear that you’ve been caught believing something that isn’t infallible.

Usually people double down on their beliefs once threatened. They cede deeper into echo chambers and read information that appeals to them to get away from this nasty feeling. The internet accommodates this, with websites that seek to undermine other ideas and promote theirs.

I’m so sick of watching people get into political arguments. All they do is spout something they have read/heard without critically thinking about it. These people aren’t interested in discovering solutions to problems, they want to feel smart berating others.

If you’re confident in what you know, chances are you don’t know anything.*1233123.png

Source: http://www.smbc-comics.com/?id=2475

*Unless you are exceptionally educated on it, in which case you have internalized opposing views and have appropriate counter arguments.

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