Everybody is a loser in some way. Random thought I had the other day, and I think it’s purpose was to bolster my self-esteem. In a sense it’s putting others down to make yourself feel better, but there’s merit to it.

Everybody has something they are really shit at, therefore making them a loser. If you adopt this belief you can walk around, look at people and know they can’t do X (X being any random activity). It’s a negative way perceive the world.

You can’t get away with this mindset for long. Going around believing everyone is really shit in some way is a cheap way to get confident, but wont last long. Quick and easy fixes that feel good are essentially junk food for your brain. I think it stems from inability to deal with uncomfortable feelings, so you resort to negative thought patterns to ego boost.

Funny how the solution to these problems are always boring. Acknowledge that people have both positive / negative traits and see them with an open mind. Basic, fundamental information that you read, nod, then never utilize.

Maybe that’s wrong. People do utilize it but it comes at an effort, as your default setting is always the path of least resistance. Essentially trying to feel good all the time, pleasure seeking.

It’s a constant struggle to be a good person.

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