Two rights make a wrong

Imagine an argument. Two people and their unique ”truths”. Both believe they are right and are unwilling to change. Both will argue for hours and get nowhere, creating a wrong.

On a side note: A trend I’ve noticed lately is people changing the nature of an argument once they feel uncertain, in an attempt to maintain the illusion they are constantly correct.

In my mind a good argument should proceed as:

Point > Counterpoint > Resolution

Both parties establish their views, hear either side and come to a conclusion.

However in reality:

Point > Change Subject > Change Subject > Change Subject > Change Subject….

Both parties change the topic every second to avoid any refutation.

How can you score when the goals keep moving?

I feel as if arguments are nothing more than cheap tools for people to get emotional thrills. Instead of actually trying to debate they just want to get riled up at opposing opinions.

It’s a game of emotional tug of war rather than an exchange of ideas.

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